Limit/eliminate dairy products (video)

When Stig was a child, he was taught that milk and sandwiches were the best thing ever. These days, however, he avoids dairy products - because they’ve been shown to have several negative health effects. Watch the video below.

Stig talks about the effects of dairy products

The two most important reasons to avoid dairy products like milk and cheese are that they contain the inflammatory protein casein, as well as the sugars lactose and D-galactose.

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In addition to inflammatory proteins and sugars, dairy products also contain a variety of hormones and growth factors. They are also rich in long-chain saturated fats, a type of fat which, according to Stig, is best avoided. The processes used before the dairy products reach supermarket shelves also contribute towards adverse health effects. Pasteurising milk, for example, leads to the formation of substances that are both toxic and inflammatory, known as AGE and ALE.

Stig recommends trying to limit dairy products or cut them out of your diet altogether, especially butter, cheese and powdered milk. Choose plant-based alternatives such as oat milk or soy milk instead. If you want to avoid additives and heat toxins, you can easily make your own substitutes at home. Another tip is to replace butter with avocado. It works in a lot of recipes because avocado adds a smooth and creamy texture.

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