Practice Daily Fasting (video)

In Professor Stig Bengmark's 12 commandments for optimal health, he recommends the application of daily fasting. There are several methods of fasting, giving everyone an opportunity to find a method that suits their preferences and lifestyle. Watch the video below. 

Stig talks about fasting and structured eating 

More and more research shows the benefits of daily fasting, that is, having a limited window of time in which you eat. See the video below.

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When you practice daily fasting, it gives the body’s organs an opportunity to recover, which has a number of positive effects. Among other things, it can reduce inflammation in the body, reduce damage to the body’s proteins and lower fat levels in the blood and liver. In addition, it has been shown to improve both insulin sensitivity and leptin sensitivity, which contributes towards diabetes prevention. 

One example of a method of fasting that Stig recommends is the 6/18 method, which means that you eat for 6 hours of the day and let your organs rest for the remaining 18 hours. Depending on your preferences, you can either choose ‘SKIPPING BREAKFAST’ (no calories before lunch), or ‘SKIPPING DINNER’ (no calories after 2PM). 

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