Take Vitamin-D supplements (video)

Vitamin D deficiency is a problem that is more common in the Nordic countries than it is in countries closer to the equator. Watch Stig´s video, in which he explains more about the importance of vitamin D.

Stig talks about the importance of Vitamin-D

Vitamin D is often associated with its ability to prevent osteoporosis or rickets, but Stig highlights how this vitamin is also important for hundreds of other processes in the body.

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Vitamin D is vital for our intestinal flora, for our immune systems, and for several internal organs. Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to a number of different diseases and illnesses. The main source of Vitamin D in nature is sunlight, which makes it more difficult for people in the north to absorb enough during the winter months. Vitamin D absorbed during the summer can be stored in the body for a little while, but the level is reduced by half every six weeks unless it’s replenished. Stig recommends taking Vitamin D supplements year-round to maintain healthy levels.

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