Why did Stig create 12 commandments? (video)

Professor Stig Bengmark's shares his best advice for taking care of the intestinal flora and staying healthy in 12 commandments for optimal health. See why Stig created the commandments below.

Stig talks about 12 commandments for optimal health – intro

Stig wants to give his fellow human beings a tool to be able to optimize their health, through the 12 commandments. They include, among other things, to avoid inflammation-promoting proteins, to never heat food above 130 degrees Celsius, and to eat lots of plant foods.

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Professor Stig Bengmark spent more than 30 years in his profession as a surgeon, including 20 years as Chief of Surgery at Lund University Hospital and Professor of Surgery at Lund University. During Stig’s time as a surgeon, a mistake occurred at his clinic, which unexpectedly gave him a completely new perspective. He concluded that bacteria in the gut seemed to have a greater impact on health than previously thought. From that day forward, Stig focused on researching the intestinal flora, which over time led to the research preparation Synbiotic2000, and continued research on the connection between lifestyle, intestinal flora and diseases.

Stig’s life mission eventually became, to spread his knowledge and give more people the chance to influence their health. He has accomplished this through his book Choose Health! (2018) and the 12 commandments, among other things. The twelve commandments for optimal health, is a compilation of his best advice for taking care of the intestinal flora and living a healthier life!

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